It started when I was 9 or 10 years old. I played with a little girl next door that was about 6 years old. She was like the little sister (and live doll) I never had. I would curl her hair, put make-up on her face, dress her up, and make a scene set up in my garage to do glamour shots with. After one of our "sessions" she went home still all done up with hair curled and make-up fresh, her mom saw what I did and was pretty impressed! It was then that I landed my first "styling" gig! She paid me to do her hair and get her ready for her first holy communion.

    I've worked in the industry for 13years. I've been behind the chair coloring, cutting, and styling, I do on location styling, video shoots, photo shoots, weddings, and different events. I think that I definitely have a passion for hair, but it goes far beyond that, I'd say my passion is people. I love connecting with people, getting to know them, and what type of person they are. I believe that forming connections and familiarity with my clients allows me to execute their vision properly in what they like. I love being able do hair well, and not just well, but exceeding what their expectations might be. I like to try and come along side people in a humble way, and really allowing them the comfortability to be who they are so that I can understand what they really love. That's my passion and my mission is to make people look their best, but more importantly feel their best!